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Quality Management

 Customer service commitment

Shenzhen Sunlight Hing Electronic Trading Co.Ltd(hereinafter referred to as “Sunlight”) extends our sincere gratitude for your purchase of Sunlight products.
If any malfunction occurs during your use of
Sunlight products, we shall provide the following services for you:
1.Sunlight makes service commitment for the products that are sold and encounter any non-human factors hardware failure. The products’DOA period is 5 working days. (As for the definition of DOA, please refer to the Appendix ). And the RMA products have one year quality guarantee.

2. The DOA period starts from the date when you receive the product (please keep the receipt). The quality guarantee period of RMA starts from the date when the product is sold. Sunlight shall determine the product scope that is applicable to the commitment according to the marketing strategy. Sunlight will indicate whether the product is applicable to this commitment or not when it is provided.

3Sunlight carries out the quality guarantee in the place of dispatch, that is, you shall go to the place where you pick up the product for service commitment. According to the requirements of Sunlight“Application Form for Goods Return”, you shall clearly and accurately fill with relevant information, then send it by fax or email to Sunlight's after-sale service specialist who will finish the verification of the form within 8 working hours. If it is approved, you shall return the application form and the defective product to the dispatching place.

4. In order to receive Sunlight's replacement quickly, the company’s quality control department will check the returned defective products randomly in accordance with the standards of the product delivery inspection. If the yield rate is less than 10%, we will accept your returned goods. However, if the yield rate is over 10%, we will return your defective goods. Nevertheless, we will accept your returns with your consent to the additional testing fee. (The specified charges vary based on products and shall be determined by Sunlight)

5Sunlight bears the freight charges for DOA. The freight charges for RMA will be shared equally by Sunlight and the customer.
6. The returned defective products will be checked by Sunlight’s QC, the fees caused by customers’ misjudgment will be paid by the customer.
7Sunlight commits that we shall send you new products with the same specification and quantity within 5 working days after we receive the DOA products. If there is no replacement, we will place an order for you to purchase the product at the selling price of the product.
8Sunlight commits that we will send you qualified products with the same specification and quantity within 10 working days after we receive the RMA. The qualified products include the repaired returned products or new products. If there is no replacement, we will place an order to purchase the product at the market price when the products are returned. The returned products must conform to the company’s return and exchange stipulations. If you can’t meet the above requirements, Sunlight wouldn’t fulfill the commitment.
9. The return and exchange stipulations are as follows:
·The goods shall be placed neatly and packed with standard carrier or simple product packing bag.
·The laser serial number shall be naked and clearly identifiable.
·The Application Form for Goods Returned shall be filled correctly.
·The returned goods shall accord with the original ones in goods’ model, main controller and so on .
·The description of the defect shall be consistent with the product.
10. The following conditions don’t belong to the free service scope:
·The customers are unable to provide Sunlight’s Application Form for Goods Returned.
·The malfunction arises from alterations, disassembly or repairs conducted by any person or firm not authorized by 
Sunlight or without the written approval of its authorized service stations.
·The volume label or serial number on the product is missing or defective.
·The chip is broken, crashed or fractured, the control panel is damaged, the circuit board is broken, rusty or corroded, the parts fall off or have defects.
·The malfunction occurs due to improper operation and other human factors which cause physical damage or changes in external conditions, such as high voltage access, external strong force, high-altitude drops, water inlet, etc.
·The product is out of warranty period.
11. You can dial Sunlight’s service hotline in the city nearby and consult for relevant technical problems. The hotline is available from Monday to Friday and from 9:00am to 18:00pm. You can log onto official web of Sunlight for inquiry. The website is www.lightsun.com

12. Shenzhen Sunlight Hing Electronic Trading Co.Ltd reserves the final interpretation right within the scope as permitted by the law.

Shenzhen Sunlight Hing Electronic Trading Co.Ltd
July 29, 2011

Appendix I
The definition of Dead on Arrival (DOA):
Once the product reaches the place of receipt, the purchaser shall immediately make a random or full check. The inspection standard shall be in accordance with the agreed one that is mutually stipulated in the contract. If the inspection exceeds or fails to comply with the standard, then it is Dead on Arrival (DOA). There are many factors causing DOA, such as the unqualified factory inspection, the damage caused in the delivery, the impossibility of one hundred percent of yield rate for sampling inspection, and other uncertainties.


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